Name/”Catchphrase”/Affiliated office/Q1. What is the recent big news? /Q2. What influenced you (books, music, words, etc.)/Q3. What is your favorite place? /Q4. What if I was reborn next? /Q5. What do you cherish?

“The world’s three major type B”
Genki Project Affiliation
Q1. Win 32-inch LCD TV with Bingo!
Q2. “Mezaze! No. 1!!” (I was listening during the examination season)
Q3. Shibuya
Q4. Dog
Q5. My family’s cat

“The world’s three biggest woofers”

“The world’s three biggest sexy”
Genki Project Affiliation
Q1. “VS UNION Budokan LIVE”
… Maybe some big news in my life…
Q2. “Skip Cowes” song
Q3. The rooftop overlooking the sky
Q4. After all, an actor!
Q5. Trumpet Gon-chan & his cat “Duck”

“The Three Great Ennui in the World”
Q1. A traffic accident in 2000. Apparently he said, “Tonight is the pass.” I’m glad to be alive!
Q2. All encounters. If even one is missing, I think that I may not be singing now, I think it was an important encounter
Q3. In front of my Mac at home (lol
Q4. Well, I can’t afford to think about the next life.
Q5. Mac (laughs) Connection between people. (But actually unsociable…

“The world’s three delicate wild people”
Genki Project Affiliation
Q1. When I tried to move from Osaka to a voice actor and left my luggage on the car the day before, I was robbed of all my household items by vandalism, and I moved to Tokyo without baggage.
Q2. Reiji Matsumoto
Q3. Kasai Rinkai Park
Q4. ballerina
Q5. Throat

“The World’s Three Great Handsomes”
Theater Academy
Q1. Union membership!
Q2. Shinta Furuta, Kentaro Kobayashi and
many others
Q3. Teddy Roosevelt Lounge in Disney Sea
Q4. Migratory bird or domestic cat
Q5. Past and future, and above all, this moment

“The world’s three biggest eroticism”

Q1. Having an endoscopy. (Crying)
Q2. After all it is an anime song. By the way, JAM Project! !!
Q3. In the futon… No, on the stage where you’re singing? ? ?
Q4. No matter what, I will live a poor life without chasing my dreams…
Q5. Friends of the same will

“The world’s three largest glasses”
Theater Academy
Q1. My legs are easier to swell
Q2. BON JOVI, the mystery of Shoji Shimada
Q3. Shop called “Spuma” in Jinnan
Q4. Somehow a millionaire like a second generation
Q5. Relationships and love