Hammered ALIVE
VS UNION sang with former vocalist Kaizard the Real of the  amateur anime song cover band ” χ-ser Devil (sealed)” , which is known to be a day to know . It is the latter OP theme of “Kohka Robo Griver?X” following “Shakuko no Pride”. It is a hot song that sang about the anguish and determination that the protagonists in the play had, although it was a medium tempo. (Currently Kaizard the Real is active in the Kansai area as a member of “Kore Fighter X”)

Shakuko no Pride (new arrangement) new!!
A rearranged version of the memorable VS UNION 1st single title. Singing is VS side members as of 2008, and Eiji Miyashita Eiji. Maybe it’s a bit of an adult atmosphere, but now it’s a bit different from the single version.

Rainbow Ruts
The theme song of “Keitan Akamu Cardian”. As the main character is a boy, we asked two women who sang a boy to sing. One is Sachi Matsumoto. You are also doing a unit called “Twinkle☆Spilit”, and it has an outstanding singing power!! I asked for the robot name “Lightning” to appear in the lyrics. Although she is a woman, her singing voice is handsome.
Another one, Megumi Matsumoto, participated in VS UNION’s live only once in the past, so he participated this time.

VERSUS ~Seiginomikata~
It’s a big hole in this guest!? Tomo, who once sang the ending theme “Mechanical Dancing Fight” of “Golden Warrior Gold Lightan”, was invited to join us~. No, personally it was a dream co-star. I was so familiar to me that I forgot to call out until now… e? Who is TOMO-san? That’s right~ The answer is somewhere in the booklet of “Anime Sound Museum on TV VOL.1” released by Victor!

Become a hero, you new!!
I am a song and song by Tai Yuki, and a parent and child jointly composed and arranged by my father, Eijiro Tai (laughs) Originally, it was a song I made as an image song for the toy that I was in charge of at the event MC. Nevertheless, it is also a fantastic song that was played during the event. It seems that there are few people who already know the original story, but personally, if it was developed and animated further, it might have become like the former “Mashin Hero Den Wataru”, product development I am sorry for the early cancellation…

To the thing without wings
I thought that there was only this person’s voice in this song! The image of the lyrics and Sonozaki’s singing voice matched so much that I fell in love with it, and it’s goosebumps. Compared to other songs, the atmosphere is quite moist, which is also an accent in this album. Moreover, the other guest who is in charge of the chorus remains. This song with the highest degree of perfection in the album. Don’t ask.

Roar! Guy Leon
With us VS UNION, Eiji Miyashita, EIJI, who used to be in a unit called Revolver , was sung by vocalist Dahna of the band tradition opera company. The songs produced by the traditional troupe troupe are also very heart-warming songs, and the albums released so far are configured to sing a single story.  EIJI is also a little crisp and has a good voice. “Mero! Guy Leon” with a higher male rate than the live performance. Please listen.

Chaka’s song new!!
Haruna Ikezawa sings the theme song of “Witch Girl Detective Charmychaka-chan,” which is the most prominent in the album. This time, I asked for the lyrics too! Even so, the lyrics are amazing. The character design of Chaka-chan and the accompanying fairy Wappa-chan is Kayo Nagamori, the character designer of the work “B-Legendary Battle B-Daman” that Yasuyuki Tai appeared. Chaka chan, of course, Ikezawa’s, swapper-chan is an image’s Ensaki of in my !! (but does not have this voice is entered)